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Patient Arrival and Attendance at Practice (COVID-19 Protocol)

For the moment, until the dental industry’s official guidance allows the relaxation of our strict COVID-19 measures, we are still asking our patients to ring us rather than turn up to discuss making an appointment.

When you do come in for your appointment, you will notice quite a few changes. For the moment we are allowed to accommodate few people in the building at one time and would ask that you follow our processes in order to respect this new way of attending.  These should only be temporary measures and are in place for the safety of both our patients and our staff.

  • The number of patients and colleagues in patient reception/waiting room and communal areas should be minimised as far as possible. Please attend your appointment alone if possible;
  • Please wear a face covering if possible. If accompanied by a chaperone, your chaperone must also wear a face mask;
  • Let us know when you’ve arrived – please call us by mobile phone or ring the doorbell. We will ask you to wait in in your car or outside the front door – there is cover if it is raining - so that we can let you in when we are ready to help you. This reduces the time you would be in the building. Please do not enter the building until let in by a member of staff. You may be asked to wait in the Waiting room if the weather is bad or there is another person waiting. You will be asked if anything has changed since you were asked the screening questions regarding COVID-19 contact history and symptoms. You may have your temperature taken;
  • Screening questions need to be asked on attendance.  The same questions should be asked as were asked on the phone when triaged regarding COVID-19 contact history and symptoms. You may have your temperature taken. Any patient with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be advised to return home immediately and contact NHS 111.  If accompanied by a chaperone, they will need to be asked the same COVID-19 triage questions;
  • Please use the toilet before leaving home, especially if you will be requiring an AGP treatment (our staff will advise). Should you need to use the toilet, the door, flush and tap handles will need to be disinfected by a member of staff after each use.
  • Please leave most of your belongings at home or in the car and bring minimal into the practice. Belongings must be placed in a clean practice tub and taken into surgery.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser when entering the building;
  • Every effort will be made to avoid delays and ideally patients will be taken directly into the surgery as quickly as possible following arrival;
  • Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to wash your hands in the nearest facility designated for this. This most likely will be in the surgery in which you will undergo your procedure;
  • Please bring your own pen in case you need to sign anything. One can be given to you if you need;
  • Practice staff should chaperone patients to the surgery. Please do not touch anything as you enter the surgery. Once entering the surgery, the patient’s face mask will be placed into a plastic box until the end of the appointment.
  • At the end of treatment, the patient should leave the room immediately, dispose of any PPE in a clinical waste bin and clean their hands with sanitiser. You will be given your belongings and escorted to the door to leave or enter Reception if necessary.
  • Ideally there should be no need to attend Reception but if you have to please follow the social distancing protocol of standing 1m+ away from the desk. This will be clearly demarcated;
  • The reception team will be behind a protective screen and maintain a 1m+ distance from colleagues and visitors. If unable to maintain a 1m+ distance they will wear a mask;
  • Patient reception/waiting room allows for 1m+ separation, chairs will be limited and spaced out and there will be markings on flooring.
  • Payment should be taken in advance of the dental appointment as should the purchase of any sundries where possible. Payment can also be made by telephone after the appointment. If you need to pay at Reception social distancing will be observed. The card machine can accept contactless payments if under £45.  It is cleaned after every use.


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